Match Results

Sun, February 1, 2009

European Division
Title Match:
[MP] vs LG|.
bg freemans_farm
LG|. over [MP] (2990 - 1730)
Title Shot:
Be Blue ! vs *TEHO*
bg freemans_farm
Be Blue ! over *TEHO* (3250 - 2290)
-[TRR]- vs {22nd}
bg freemans_farm
{22nd} over -[TRR]- (5250 - 3845)

LG|. over [MP]
Good game. I think MP were more concentrated on the super bowl, and their own BGL NA title than this one.

Thanks for a relaxed game. Nice to see the 51st 1st team back on form with some sick bayoneting. Good to see karko the tactician back too.

We may only have this title for a week, but we got there in the end.


Be Blue ! over *TEHO*
Strange match with lots of crashing so it was basicly 4o4 whole first round, good game minus the crashing ofc

{22nd} over -[TRR]-
Very good first round, very close but we 22nd just managed to come out on top with a full cap. Second round was a bit problematic with a few crashes but managed to play on and see 22nd's first victory for ages :)
Well played by all, look forward to next time TRR

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